Our Journey

Lilies & Dreams is an Edinburgh based Handbag & Accessories Boutique.

Founded in 2008 by JoJo Hernandez after another unsuccessful shopping trip, Lilies & Dreams was born with a desire to fill the need for unique & individual accessories.

The business began of chance - JoJo was shopping in a High Street store when another lady pointed out she had bought the same bag only a week previously. Not wanting want someone else to be able to say that, she started looking for a solution

Lilies & Dreams began with only had a handful of Designers. To enable JoJo to order her perfect bag, the business had to find a way to meet minimum order requirements. This meant initially to family and friends but as appreciation grew, we created a website to share out products with a wider audience.

Opening our first store in 2010, we have grown with demand as discerning shoppers search for that item a little different from the norm.

Specialising in classic styles, with a strong focus on quality and limited edition designs, we believe you are sure to find that perfect, yet unique piece, to compliment your wardrobe.